Top travel blogs

One of the best travel blogs which incorporates a large variety of topics and destination has been around for a minute and gives great advice and help: stop overpaying for your travels with Nomadic Matt.

Traveling on a budget with a small backpack, need insurance tips for long term travels, going to southeast Asia without much to your name? Mel can help you out.

Drew Binsky offers great advice for young travelers and he makes really entertaining videos. Here is one of my favorite blog post by him.

In need of some inspiration? Want to get some information of the places you might be traveling to? Maptia documents stories from around the world in an absolutely stunning and easily manageable website.

Dan and Audrey have been all around the world, in their blog Uncornered Market they offer really creative and introspective advice on what traveling is. I found this Danger Map of the World: Fear vs. Awareness gives some of the best motivation to get started.

Is America your destination? Are you trying to travel around the U.S and need tips? Victoria gives great advice!

Liz travels the world, she moved from America to New Zealand and gives great advice for both men and women to travel in their youth and move abroad.

Traveling with a significant other? Need specific itineraries for Paris, Rome, Lisbon, Budapest, Vienna, New Zealand? Gergely and Cory will take you there.

Trying to backpack in some interesting locations? Need some advice in video forms? Want to look at beautiful pictures Matt offers great advice especially for New Zealand!

Need practical tips for traveling from the most aesthetically pleasing and cutest couple. Lia and Jeremy spare no details in Practical Wanderlust! Local travels, packing lists, long distance trips they got it all.

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