“I am too broke to travel”…

and why that is the worst excuse…

The majority of people blame money or lack thereof for not going to the places they dream about.

Money comes and goes and even the most lavish vacation is attainable (though it might take more time to reach). While money is important and necessary, it’s not hard to attract. The real struggle is keeping it, and thinking of your long-term desires rather than your short-term satisfaction (do you really need that coffee every day?).

Here are links to some savvy creative solutions to traveling when you’re broke.

I want you all to reach your goals and I believe you can! So listen closely:


“I’m too broke to…” is the same as saying “I don’t really prioritize…”

What works for me:

Envision what you really want.

On paper, make a list of everything you want (beautiful shoes, a yacht, oat-milk latte, an evening out with friends, traveling to France this summer…)

Note next to each item the accessibility depending on things like money and time

( Coffee is easily accessible, a yacht takes more time to get)

Go over the list and organize everything from most desired to least.

Now that your goals are clear in your head, keep that awareness with every purchase you make (are you moving closer to your goals? is this really something you need?)

Reduce mindless spending to find more value in everything you spend money on, because every $ spent on coffee is a $ not spent on vacation.

How to Pack

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” 
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

As the great Sun Tzu once wrote in the immortal classic The Art of Packing, “the supreme art of packing is to subdue the enemy without fighting”.

Packing is an art, a science that has its own set of rules and methods. Do not underestimate proper packing! Knowing how to pack for where you’re going allows you to have all that you need at your fingertips, it brings ease and comfort to your vacation. Do you really want to spend that extra time and money on running around at the airport purchasing the iPhone charger you forgot? No!

Packing is all about self-awareness, it requires you to take a hard and honest look at yourself. You think you need that extra shirt, but in three days when you’re at the airport paying an extra $50 for the extra weight, and lugging around that heavy suitcase, you’ll rethink that decision.

Here are my tips, lighter is always better. The larger your suitcase, the more likely you will try to fill it up. The truth is you need less than you think. Always leave a little room for extra, you’re probably going to come back with more stuff than you left with.

Think of the essentials:

  1. TIP: A seven-day trip requires five pairs of underwear and socks.
  2. DO pack versatile outfits
    • Ex: a black button shirt for casual day and night out
    • Edit based on occasions: swimsuits, hiking boots, suit, etc…
  3. DON’T bring anything you “might” need
    • You can always buy once you’re at your destination.
  4. DO lay out all that you plan to pack, and go over everything two more times.
  5. TIP: Pick up every item once and ask yourself five times: “Is this really necessary?”
    • If you answer “yes” five times, then pack it.
  6. TIP: If it’s in your purse, or pocket — you probably want that with you.
    • Ex: chapstick, hand lotion, photo ID, keys, gum, money, etc…

How to Pack:

  1. The bigger the things go first
  2. Fold and roll your clothes for space
  3. Toiletries and liquid go in a clear bag at the top
    • TIP: I usually keep liquids in my carry on, they’re easily accessible for T.S.A and me (airplanes make my skin dry I need my lotions).

All this said and done, I know some of you (you know who you are) like your comfort and don’t mind spending the extra cash to make sure you have everything at hand. If that’s the case, I still suggest going through the list above and planning ahead of time how you will transport your four suitcases…

“Peace out”

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