5 Tips for traveling in a vlog

Get a car to the airport

I hear too many of my friends making this mistake when they travel. They lug around two heavy suitcases through stairs and puddles of New York City gunk. They get to the airport with bruises and a negative attitude. This attitude sets the tone of their trip. I know it’s more expensive, but living in New York City, the subway is such a pain and companies like Uber, Via, Lyft, and Juno offer a comfortable alternative.

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This can be easily budgeted in advance Whether you are going on vacation, a business trip or something else, taking a plane is already tiring. Give yourself some time to head into the trip with a clear and calm mind, by taking away the stress of public transportation.

Arrive Early

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Arriving early at the airport gives you leeway. It lets you relax, it lets you breathe, and lets you get yourself ready for the trip. You won’t stress with the long lines at TSA, if you get stopped by security, if your flight gets switched, arriving early gives you time to get yourself together.

Know How to Get Around

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Knowing how to get around once you reach your destination lets you save time and money.

When planning a trip:

  • know the closest hospital to your staying area
  • a trip know where your hotel is in relation to the airport
  • know what transportation you will take once you arrive
  • don’t get scammed and save money

Plan for the Weather

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Planning for the weather allows you to have a good time wherever you land regardless of rain or shine. Planning for both indoor activities and outdoors allows you to diversify your options. Some indoor options include movies, museums, jazz clubs, a nice restaurant and more. Some outdoors options include hiking, sightseeing, outdoor nice restaurants and more.

Have a Good Time

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Put your phone down, remember you are exactly where you’re supposed to be and you will be alright. Absorb the experience, live in the moment, remember to enjoy the trip.

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