Top 5 Traveling Questions to Ask Yourself

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You’re scrolling through Instagram, studying at school, or overworked at the office and suddenly it hits you, the desire to get away.

“We should take a trip”

The grass is greener on the other side, and you’ve had enough of your hometown. Before you decide to purchase your tickets and pack your bags consider these 5 important questions.

1) Why are you traveling?

Family visit? Business trip to New York City? In need of a quick weekend getaway? A little Eat Pray Love self-discovery? Spring break with the gals?

Know your purpose to understand the logistics of your travels here!

Traveling given your budget here!

2) Where are you traveling?

Transportation is more accessible than ever before. Bali for a cultural awakening? Puerto Rico for some long needed sunshine? Escaping humanity on a road trip around Iceland? Reconnecting over afternoon tea with your uncle in Boston?

The world is your oyster, find the best places to visit for your purpose here!

How to pack for where you’re going here!

3) When are you traveling?

Timing dictates almost everything. Every destination has an on and off season, knowing when you are traveling allows you to plan your budget, your outfits, and your activities.

Best times to travel given your destination here!

4) Who are you traveling with?

Pick wisely, your traveling companions can make or break a trip. Friendships come with various boundaries and benefits, and different types of travels require different types of companions. 

Avoid money issues, organization problems, and the loss of a relationship here! 

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5) How are you traveling?

The last step before you go on your merry way, what transportation method will you choose? Are you opening yourself to all the possibilities?

Fun, cheap, or interesting methods for traveling here!

“Peace out”